Peaceful Heart Yoga FAQs

Have questions about yoga? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact Terri if you have any questions not answered.

How should I dress?
You do not need to buy special clothes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.
Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
Yes. Please bring a yoga mat. I recommend Hugger Mugger mats on the following link: You can also purchase Yoga bolsters, blocks, and straps from this link for your home practice. 
Do I have to sign up for the class ahead of time?
Yes. This helps to prepare for the class and reserve your spot. Please contact us through our online form to register for a class or call Terri at 410.294.9997.
What is the cost of the classes?
$12 per class (Discount class packages: 3 classes for $33 and 10 classes for $100) Contact Terri for Private and Small Group Lesson pricing. The hourly rate can be shared among the group of students participating, which makes this a very affordable option.
What does Namaste mean (A phrase spoken at the end of the class)?
Nam means bow; as means I; and te means you. Thus, I bow to you.” The gesture is an acknowledgment that I honor or bow to the light in you and you honor or bow to the light in me. Namaste is a common spoken greeting or salutation that is said at the very end of a yoga class with a slight bow while hands are pressed together in the prayer position and thumbs close to the heart. It is a way for both students and teacher to say thank you, show mutual respect, acknowledge the good, the light, and “peaceful heart” in each other.
What is the definition of yoga?
Yoga means to “to yoke” or “to connect”. Yoga connects our mind, body, and soul through breathing techniques and poses. It is a practice that teaches us how to be mindful and leads one to self-realization. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” The Bhagavad Gita
What is the definition of mindfulness?
Mindfulness is paying attention to something on purpose. For instance, when we practice yoga, we focus our attention on our breath while simply noting our thoughts, feelings, and sensations calmly without judging or clinging to them.
What is EMYoga?
EMYoga is a practice that combines ‘yoga’ with ‘energy medicine’ to balance the body daily. Energy medicine utilizes simple techniques such as tapping, tracing meridians, massaging acupressure points, and breath-work to move stuck energy, release pain, and change habit fields for better health. When these techniques are incorporated into a yoga class transformative physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing begins!