Yoga is for EVERY body at Peaceful Heart Yoga 

Peaceful Heart Leads to Healthy Body

Peaceful Heart Yoga provides inclusive and accessible instruction for students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, especially beginners and those living with stress, chronic illness, disability, or injury. With focus on breath and mindfulness, as well as, personalized practice based on individual needs, Peaceful Heart Yoga classes assist in calming, healing, and rejuvenating the body and mind. Energy Medicine Yoga techniques are incorporated into every class to balance the body and manage stress.

Peaceful Heart Yoga Inclusive and Accessible Classes:

  • Beginner Yoga/Level 1
  • Stress Relief Yoga/All Levels
  • Chair Yoga/Gentle Yoga
  • Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga)
  • Kid’s Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Private and Small Group Lessons
  • Community/Corporate Workshops

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Are you stressed? Experiencing body pain? Find out why Yoga is for you:

Peaceful Heart Yoga’s mission is to redefine social media’s perception of yoga. Many people assume yoga is too difficult for them. ‘Yoga’ may call to mind images of fit students wearing spandex, bending like a pretzel or standing on their heads. In reality, anybody can practice yoga, regardless of one’s activity level, injuries, illnesses, disabilities, or background. Peaceful Heart Yoga & Mindfulness classes focus on the ‘roots of yoga’. The most advanced yoga is simply seated meditation poses focusing on breath and turning inward. Students learn basic techniques to manage stress and  strengthen mind, body and soul. Personalized instruction is provided whenever needed, as demonstrated in this video. All classes are inclusive and accessible. There truly is a class for EVERY body. See Class Schedule and register for a yoga class today to begin your journey for a healthy body, calm mind, and peaceful heart!